The key

Through research, concept development & design,
I help transform ideas into great digital experiences.

A picture of Kristian

What I'm all about

Fueled with more than a decade of knowledge designing for the screen, my signature work is focused, practical and crafted solely for the end-user.

As a designer, I thrive best in the intersection where design meets technology. I write my own code, because I believe design is more than static mockups. How design behaves when interacting, and how design adapts to a range of different devices plays a big part in the overall user experience.

I'm curious and love solving problems. Good at listening and not afraid to be wrong. Accustomed to work in multidisciplinary teams with developers, creatives and clients.

My compass

These are my values. A set of principle guidelines
that lays the foundation for my approach.

  1. Have fun.
  2. Be thorough. Take all input into consideration.
  3. Be curious. Never stop harvesting knowledge.
  4. Embrace change.
  5. Strive to make a difference.